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Office Life Solutions

Our core business is manufacturing and supplying office and educational products. We take pride in manufacturing quality products, many of which are bespoke and we have a patriotic approach to suppliers. The majority of the materials we purchase are sourced from UK based companies; all materials apart from any metal components are cut, machined and assembled in our 20,000 square foot factory. We employ some forty plus members of staff, most of whom have a record of at least eight years or more service and some of our production personnel can boast up to 35 years’ experience in the trade. Our team will take a project from design to installation, focusing attention on our customer’s needs. Our ‘made to measure made to fit’ systems allow us to design and manufacture bespoke products that may be needed to maximise your space. Office Life are ISO 9001 Quality Management accredited and ISO 14001 Environmental Management System accredited.

Office Life Solutions

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Unit 7 Cromwell Centre, Stepfield

Unit 7 Cromwell Centre, Stepfield




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