• In 2004 a local group of business people formed an effective network to alert each other to suspicious activity and incidents in the area. In 2009 the group formed a company, Witham Industrial Watch Ltd, and were successful in achieving Business Improvement District (BID) status for Witham’s industrial estates from 2009 to 2014.

    In 2014 businesses on the estates voted overwhelmingly in favour of another five year BID term, from 2014-2019, operated by Witham Industrial Watch.

    BID 2014-2019 saw the continuation of the great improvements already in place, plus some new, exciting projects such as the installation of 8 defibrillators and training for 100+ people to use them.

    Witham Industrial Watch employs three Estate Managers, installs ANPR and CCTV, erects signage on the estates, carries out winter salting/gritting of the estate roads to allow businesses to continue to operate in snowy weather and makes representations to local councils to try to improve parking and traffic flow issues on the estates.

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  • Directors

    Left to right: Neil Jesse, Kate Carling, Philip Lawrence, Valerie Pattenden, Chris Dale

  • In July 2019 the estates' businesses will vote whether the area should remain a Business Improvement District for another 5-years.

    The achievements of the last 10 years and plans for 2019-2024 can be found in the above WIW Proposal document 2019-2024.

    A YES vote will mean the current services will remain and more will be put in place. A NO vote means that all the equipment (CCTV, ANPR, defibrillators) and all the services (Estate Managers, winter gritting, lobbying local councils etc.) will cease with immediate effect.

    So please, vote YES in July.

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