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    Full Business Compliance Package at a discounted rate for local business’s

    Business's in the Witham area can benefit from a discounted rate for all business compliance services and training courses. Services that can be offered include: Legionella Risk Assessments, Legionella Training Courses, Fire Risk Assessments, Fire Warden Training, Site Risk...

    JC Leisure Solutions Ltd

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    Do you know how to use a Defibrillator? WIW members do!

    WIW ran its fifth Defibrilator & CPR course today. This has proved to be a great success with the lovely Peter from Commmunity Heartbeat running the courses. He is a font of knowledge and has now left those members attending...

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    Latest crime in the area – lead thefts from businesses

    Spring is here accompanied by an increase in theft and disruption to business.  One crime that is new to the Witham industrial area, but may have happened elsewhere, is stealing lead from the roof of a factory or business...

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    Free supply chain audit

    One of the UK's leading freight and logistics companies, Velta offer an extensive range of services to cover your import, export and distribution and fulfilment requirements. To see how you can save money in your supply chain, contact...

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    New first aid kits

    These great new first aid kits are installed in all of the eight defibrillaotrs we have on the estates. As you can see from the picture this kit includes the more substantial mouth shield for that added protection when...

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    If you need extra space or a change of scenery why not bring your team / customers to our spacious meeting room.   We would be happy to provide you with food and refreshments whether it be coffee and cake or...

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    Great Members’ Meeting turn out.

    The first meeting of 2018 was a busy one with lots of lovely memebers attending to get involved. The next meeting will be held at Tiptree Patisserie on June 1st, look forward to seeing you there....

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    FROM 1 TON TO 8 TON. ...

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"Since WIW came into being there has been a significant reduction in crime on the estates and I am sure the majority of companies feel more confident and secure in building their futures in Witham.

Well done Witham Industrial Watch Ltd."

Neil Jesse, Village Glass

"The estates are clean with little or no crime. Roads are gritted and there is a feeling of safety."

Pierre Irminger, Office Life Solutions

“Witham Industrial Watch has proven to reduce and continues to reduce crime within Croft Way.

ANPR and CCTV surveillance is proven to make the opportunist thieves look for easier targets! Working and bringing other companies in our area together to look out for each other is something that should always be supported.”

Trevor Lenoir, Icex Ltd

“WIW sees a new age of modern partnership working with the police to ensure we reduce crime, tackle offenders and make the general area safer. The technology at the heart of WIW will make it much harder for offenders to commit crime on this industrial estate.”

Chief Inspector Richard Melton

“Businesses cannot individually afford the costs of making these industrial areas cleaner, safer, more secure, amenable and generally a better place of work; but by contributing a small levy we are making things better.”

Chris Dale - Dalehire, Witham

“I am fully supportive of the WIW BID; it  is a great example of businesses working together to improve their local area; their success also has a positive impact that benefits the wider Braintree District.”

Councillor Graham Butland, Leader of Braintree District Council

"This BID has proven that businesses coming together for the greater good can fast track and implement changes that other authorities may not be able to deliver.The businesses on Witham's industrial estates are at the forefront of business innovation. Small and medium sized firms are the lifeblood of our economy and in Witham they provide over 80% of local jobs. Many of those jobs, employment and apprenticeship opportunities are based on the industrial estates and with the BID going from strength-to-strength I know that these businesses will be striving to expand and grow."

Priti Patel MP

"Witham Industrial watch has made a huge difference to security in the area. Simarco has noticed a large reduction in incidents since its implementation. Through Dave Cocker and the team we feel we have a true partnership with the Police secure in the knowledge that we are being listened to." 

Simon Reed, Simarco Worldwide Logistics

"We, as a local business, feel part of the community, and much more secure, knowing we have WIW just a call and email away.  David has assisted many companies with thefts on the industrial estates and attempted thefts, sharing CCTV footage and information.  We have greater visibility to deter such instances.  Also the industrial estates pot hole situation took persuasion but has improved thanks to the WIW."

Debra Gunn, Masterframe Windows Limited

"WIW is a great communicator, it gives security to the smaller companies as well as the larger ones, and everyone is looking out for each other.”

Mark Bailey Essex Business Machines Ltd.

The important factors WIW brings is communication and community amongst all the companies that share the estate. If suspicious activity is spotted or a crime committed we are all informed to help provide support to our neighbours and to keep us vigilant to help prevent such crimes in the future . I think I speak for us all when I say we feel a lot safer with WIW around!

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